Pebble Finance is the Spotify for finance that lets users build their own ETFs.

What is Pebble Finance?

We all know what the radio is and have purchased CDs for $20 but only 2 songs are good on it. That mentality is how Wall Street works today – you buy ETFs and mutual funds but can’t control what’s inside them.

We’re making Wall Street more customizable and adaptable. Pebble is the Spotify for finance, so users can build ETFs and pick only the stocks they like and kick out the ones they don’t.

Who is Pebbles target demographic?

The average retail investor is 31, but our users will skew a bit younger (22-31) and appeal to people who are interested in the ethics/ impact of their investments.

We’re not trying to sell you something that will earn you more money, we’re helping you express your ideas and beliefs through stocks.

How are people using Pebble?

Some users download Pebble and do reductive stuff. For example, when Facebook changed to Meta, there was an outage and the site went down. As a result, we had a bunch of people come to Pebble to recreate the S&P 500 minus Facebook.

Other users take a more creative approach. One of our users is from San Diego and only wanted to invest in San Diego companies. There’s never been a platform that enabled him to do that until Pebble.

How are you attracting new users?

We don’t do paid ads. There’s been three main ways we’ve been acquiring new users.

Creator economy – Specifically communities focused on certain things that dovetail with markets

People actively searching for technology like Pebble. For example, American expats can’t invest in US ETFs, so they use Pebble to build their own ETF.

People sharing their experience with Pebble. The user from San Diego that made a San Diego ETF has a community newsletter and discussing Pebble.

What excites you about Pebble?

I think people in the traditional finance industry are just completely not prepared for this new type of investor.

People become financial advisors and think: “Gen Z will need financial advice. There’s so much room for growth in this industry,” but frankly, nobody is thinking that anymore.

Financial advice is a Google search away. Everyone is getting their information from Reddit. Why would you pay someone thousands of dollars when you can type a question on Reddit and get 50 answers in 20 seconds?