Tobias Francis Heaslip

Tobias Francis Heaslip is the founder and CEO of Trading.TV, the world’s first social livestream platform built for the next generation of traders and financial content creators. Prior to starting Trading.TV, Heaslip worked in investment banking at firms like Morgan Stanley and Barclays. In December 2020, Heaslip pivoted to build Trading.TV. In July 2021, Trading.TV emerged from stealth mode and raised $6.1M in Seed funding led by L Catterton Growth, Activant, Navy Capital and Tribe Capital.

What problem is Trading.TV trying to solve?

There are two main impediments that keep people from investing in financial markets: education and trust.

The lack of understanding of financial markets is being exacerbated due to the speed at which things like crypto, DeFi, NFT’s, etc are moving. This creates a need for an educational platform that people can trust.

Right now we live in a world where people, specifically younger millennials and Gen-Z, don’t trust institutions or governments. So where are they getting their information from? Each other.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a resident financial expert in their close friend group. Trading.TV will be the platform that facilitates the introduction to the financial markets and cultivates the relationship between the expert and millions of users.

Why is Trading.TV important?

The important message that I want to get out there is that Trading.TV is a platform that is for diversity & inclusion, first and foremost. For me, this is something that is core to who I am as a human being, but it’s also inherent to the platform we’ve built. We want everyone to come to Trading.TV and feel comfortable to learn about finance.

Finance, specifically, has been about exclusion. This industry acts like a gatekeeper and builds walls around itself, and it’s time for that to end.

For the vast majority of people in the world, trading & investing isn’t just the best way to achieve financial freedom, it is the only way. If you don’t trade, if you don’t invest, the likelihood that you’re able to achieve true financial freedom is 0%.

The only thing that is separating any person from financial freedom is the education and the effort to learn…also risk tolerance!

How do you know who to trust on Trading.TV?

Certain creators will be verified and validated with our shield (equivalent of blue checkmark on social media).

What really matters to me as CEO of Trading.TV is being able to determine if a person is trustworthy and if they’re creating content to genuinely help their audience.

When we verifying these people, we’re endorsing them as a human and a creator. It’s important that they have a track record of excellence. I’ve personally met with every single person that we’ve verified. I think this individual hands-on approach is really important.

How can you really know that a creator is the real deal?

It’s super, super hard. We take due-diligence really seriously, so we’ll look at all the platforms this person has created content. We also reach out to their followers and ask for feedback on the creator.

There are a few Discord servers that are “walls of shame” where they identify creators who have done malicious things to to their followers like a pump and dump scheme, selling subscriptions and not providing the service, etc.

What questions do you ask yourself when analyzing content?

I’m always interested in understanding why someone believes that they have the knowledge to create content to share it with the world.

When you’re following a financial content creator, the worst experience you can have is losing money.

Being able to answer the “why” is so important. Why is this person’s knowledge special? Why does this person have credibility? Why is this someone I want to follow into trades?

It’s not easy. You need to familiarize yourself with their work and dissect the quality of it.

Do you believe creators can become millionaires through Trading.TV?

Absolutely. Trading.TV is taking the social media approach, so our creators will make money from ads, sponsorships, subscriptions, etc.

We’re also taking a percentage of overall platform revenue (generated from the brokerage & banking activities and Wealth Management activities on Trading.TV) and putting that into a content creator bonus pool. We’ll pay creators from this pool based on their monthly audience engagement. In essence, we’re making the creators partners of Trading.TV.